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The SysPàCRever project (Innovations and proof of concept for the conversion and production of stored solar electric energy via the hydrogen vector: Reversible Fuel Cell System) proposes the design, optimization and real-time testing of a new 3-chamber reversible PàC concept that can perform electrolyzer or fuel cell functions.

The Reunion Island region is no exception to the energy problem. As an island region, it is characterized by a situation of high energy dependence. Even if the use of local and renewable energy resources is higher than that used in metropolitan France, it is nevertheless insufficient in relation to the objectives set in terms of energy autonomy.

As the share of renewable energies is to be increased in the coming years, the question of their storage appears to be a key factor, essential to this development. Indeed, the production of renewable electricity, whatever its source: hydropower, wind power, solar power, has to varying degrees the major disadvantage of its intermittency.

The question then becomes: how to store the electricity produced during production peaks in order to consume it during consumption peaks?

One of the solutions currently recommended is to store energy via an electrolyser, which converts electricity into hydrogen and oxygen during low consumption hours. This energy is then returned via a fuel cell, which converts hydrogen and oxygen back into electricity on the grid during high consumption hours.